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Bionature 60 days Anti Hair Loss Scalp treatment

Bionature 60 days Anti Hair Loss Scalp treatment

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Bionature 60 days Anti Hair Loss Scalp treatment contains

3 Lotions of 20ml

2 Anti-fall Patches (60 pcs) and

1 Shampoo 250ml


LOTION PHASE 1 (from day 1 to day 20)
Activity: oxygenation and hydration of the scalp, improvement of circulation blood and stimulation of follicle metabolism. 
It carries out an important reactivating action of the microcirculation which allows to bring new nourishment to the bulb by eliminating the waste and the waste substances.
Immediately reduces the loss of sensitized hair giving immediate freshness.


Apply BioNature 60 Day Lotion every evening before bedtime.
It can be used on both wet and dry hair. Spray on skin 6/7 sprays in the area where the hair is thinner; gently massage the product with circular movements to facilitate the activation of blood circulation. The treatment includes 60 days of daily application.

LOTION PHASE 2 (from day 21 to day 40)
Activity: strong detoxifying action, awakening of the follicle and improvement of the scalp, protected and stimulated by the presence of Orange Blossom Water. It purifies the scalp, reduces the bacterial load and contrasts the presence, formation and reappearance of free radicals.

Repeat same process as PHASE 1 above

LOTION PHASE 3 (from day 41 to day 60)
Refreshes and tones the skin, completes the antioxidant and anti-aging effect, helps contrast with free radicals, promoting the vitality of the follicle. It increases the thickness of the hair. Closing cycle that counteracts the activity of the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, the cause of the fall; From day 41 to day 60, sensation on COLD application.

Repeat same process as PHASE 1 above

Transparent hypo-allergenic patch that can be used both for prevention and for hair loss, with local, gradual and progressive action.

Before going to sleep, apply Growth Factor Patch.

Guide to Use:

Apply every evening together with BioNature 60-Day Lotion, preferably at the same time.  

Before application, clean and dry the affected area well between the neck and the ear.

Remove a patch from the support and apply it carefully by applying a light pressure on it so as to ensure perfect adhesion.

Allow to act for no fewer than 6 hours, maximum 12 hours;

The following day apply the patch on the opposite side. The treatment calls for 60 days of daily application.



Energizing Shampoo, with Bioliquefied Substance

It gently cleanses leaving the skin soft and toned. An excellent adjuvant of  treatments aimed at combating hair loss, it tones and stimulates the micro-  circulation of the scalp improving skin elasticity. The ph 6.0 makes it sui-  table for daily use as well.

Guide to Use:

Apply to damp hair and massage. Allow to act for 3-5 minutes and rinse.  Repeat if necessary.

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