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Natulique MOISTURE SHAMPOO 250ml

Natulique MOISTURE SHAMPOO 250ml

S$40.00 Regular Price
S$36.00Sale Price

NATULIQUE Moisture Hairwash with rebalancing qualities is highly recommended to cleanse, relax and hydrate dry and irritated skin and scalp.


A combination of Certified Organic ingredients protect and strengthen the hair roots and new hair follicles.

Certified Organic Mango provides the perfect cocktail of nutrients and minerals, such as Calcium, Copper and Potassium, to nourish hair and encourage the scalp to produce natural moisturizing sebum. Rich in Vitamin A,C and Beta Carotine, Mango is also great to prevent dandruffmoisturize hair and improve hair elasticity.


Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory Cranberry Seed Oil to help soothe and heal dry and irritated scalp.

Packed with extremely moisturizing and beneficial cleansing ingredients, NATULIQUE Moisture Hairwash helps to rebalance and condition the scalp and skin, while effectively removing build-up and unwanted residues from conventional hair products, leaving your hair hydrated, healthy and light.


Instructions for use: Wet hair. Apply shampoo and work from scalp to ends. Rinse and repeat if necessary.



  • Certified Organic Mango
    Extremely rich in Vitamin A,C and Beta Carotine, helps prevent dry scalp and hair

  • Natural Cranberry Extract 
    With anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, helps repair damaged hair and broken hair strands to ensure healthy and shiny, natural hair

  • Olive Leaf Extract
    Brilliant moisturising properties, works to hydrate hair shafts to help restore elasticity and strengthen the hair

  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract
    Softens, soothes and heals with Vitamin A, B and C

  • Coconut based Glycerin
    Retains moisture and effectively oxygenates hair



  • No Parabens

  • No Added Silicone

  • No Artificial Colours

  • Animal Cruelty Free

  • Vegan Certified

  • Sustainable Packaging

  • Professional Quality

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