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NATULIQUE HAIR COLOR, Your safest choice

By way of background – My mother passed away from Cancer and I had two Cancer scars. From that moment onwards, I decided to let my hair go a natural (grey) colour as a 45 year old woman. This was approximately 7 years ago. I kept asking various hairdressers if they knew of any products that would suit my ‘stand against chemicals’ but to no avail. I was alone within our friendship circle of people who did not dye her hair.

Our 11 year old Son (James) was continually asking me to dye my hair and my Husband (Paul) and I kept trying to explain in different ways why I felt I should be my natural grey colour. BUT, he then said he was embarrassed for me to collect him from school. It hit me hard and I started the search to see if there were any new products on the market and viola I found Natulique.

I am extremely happy with my hair and I cannot thank you all enough for assisting me. A special heartfelt thanks to NATULIQUE for the end result.

Warmest wishes, Alison Harrison (52 years old and loving my new hair colour)



Before Color

After Color

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